Arthur Stace

More people knew Arthur Stace by his alias, The Eternity Man. The story goes that Arthur lived life to the full in his earlier days then discovered God as his life headed for rack and ruin.

Arthur attended the Burton Street Baptist Church where he heard the minister thunder "When I see the people of this city taking no heed of their souls I wish I could go out into the streets and shout - Eternity! Eternity!"

From that day on Arthur dedicated his life to spreading this 1 word sermon. He would inscribe the word ETERNITY in chalk every 100 yards in a distinctive copperplate style. Not many saw Arthur writing but the word appeared right around the city of Sydney, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross.

When Arthur died in 1967 aged 82, so too did a piece of our history. Arthur may be gone but the city of Sydney has commemorated him with a special Eternity engraving in Town Hall Arcade.

Contributed from "A Tribute to the Legends of Kings Cross"