Bea Miles

Aberrant, brilliant, individualistic, eccentric, these are just a few adjectives that describe this very unique character that roamed the streets of Kings Cross and other parts of Sydney from the years of the great depression to the 1960s.

Well known for riding in taxis then refusing to pay the fare, Bea did travel by taxi to Perth to pick wild flowers and, on another occasion in 1953, to Melbourne via Broken Hill. On both of these expeditions she paid the full fare of a shilling a mile!

Highly literate and knowledgeable, Bea was a devotee of Shakespeare, selling quotations and readings on the kerbside of Sydney's streets and on the steps of the Mitchell Library.

Bea passed away in December 1973 aged 71 leaving as her legacy a memorable and generous personality.


Contributed from "A Tribute to the Legends of Kings Cross"