Henry Lawson


While most of Henry Lawson's poetry centred on the Australian bush and its many characters, Henry lived in and around Darlinghurst, Paddington and Kings Cross in his earlier and later years.

It was during this time that he penned many of what have become legendary poems and short stories "The Bastard from the Bush", "The Grog and Grumble Steeplechase", "The Drovers Wife" and "While the Billy Boils".

When he had money he would place coins in his inner hat band to give to the local urchins or to the messenger boys from Angus & Robertson for pouring him into a hansom cab. Sometimes he would brandish his walking stick at the local shop owners for not providing better pay and conditions for these boys.

Henry died penniless on September 2nd 1922 aged 55. When he was buried 2 days later 1000 mourners packed Sydney's St Andrews Cathedral, while 10,000 stood outside. A true legend of Australian literature.


Contributed from "A Tribute to the Legends of Kings Cross"