Air Conditioner

Your apartment is fitted with a reverse cycle air conditioner.

The dial is the required temperature setting. Provided the switch is in the on position  whatever temperature setting the dial is on will be the room temperature.

The air conditioner will not heat the room above 24 degrees and will not cool the room below 15 degrees.


There are 3 switches under the temperature dial.

The heat and cool switch on the left.

The on and off switch in the middle.

The fan switch on the right.

The air conditioning unit is in a cupboard inside your apartment

Click here for tutorial.

The heat and cool switch has 3 settings

1: Heat This will heat the air supplied to the room.

2: Fan There is no heating or cooling. The fan will run circulating room temperature air.

3:Cool This will cool the air supplied to the room.

The on and off switch

1: On Turns the unit on.

2: Off Turns the unit off.

The fan switch has 3 settings

The settings 1, 2 and 3 determines the fan speed with 1 the minimum and 3 the maximum.


If your air conditioner is not working properly contact the concierge for advice.  Most malfunctions are caused by a blocked filter which can be remedied by the concierge as we do keep spare filters on site. The building manager is also quite knowledgeable on the system and can assess the fault.