Your balcony is part of the building common area. You may place furniture and potted plants on your balcony. Please be aware that The Elan is in a high wind area so there are some items such as plastic chairs and tables that will be blown off the balcony and will land dangerously on the street below.

Bar-be-ques are permitted on the balcony's. If the smoke from your bar-be-que enters your apartment let it escape via the balcony door. Do not open the front door. Opening the front door allows the smoke to enter the lift lobby area to be detected by the smoke detectors. The EWIS will then set of the emergency fire alarm and automatically call the fire brigade.

Washing and other items are not permitted to be hung from the balcony. Be careful not to drop anything off your balcony. Do not flick cigarette butts off your balcony.

Any damage or defects to your balcony must be reported at the concierge desk as soon as possible.