Common Area

Strata title is the subdividing of a building or land area into lots. Lots can comprise the apartment plus external apartment areas such as car spaces, garages ,storages, laundries or marinas. This is owned by the lot owner. Common property is everything that does not form part of a lot. Anything that is common property is the property of the owners corporation.

Common Property in The Elan

Basically everything except the apartments, storage cages retail car park spaces and residential car park spaces.

Common Property in your apartment

The outside of your entry door, the balcony, the pipes leading into and out of your apartment, the electrical lines that bring power to your apartment the concrete wall, floor and ceiling structure that separates one apartment from the other (not the gyprock covering the structure), the fire sprinkler system and the glass on the external windows.

Common property is maintained by the Strata. Any area of common property requiring maintenance is to be reported to the concierge desk via email or in person.