The concierge is the first point of contact for residents and their guests and thus can set the tone for the building The concierge staff at The Elan are fully focused on the quality of service and presentation required in today's modern high-rise buildings. With a friendly helpful attitude they are ready to assist  where ever possible. The concierge can be contacted on 02 9326 0077 or via email. The concierge company is Le Concierge Pty Ltd.

Some of the concierge duties include

Handling mail and deliveries

Coordinate the moves in the building

Placing protective covering on lifts during moves

Attend to all building emergencies

Allocate the visitor parking

Minding of apartment keys

Providing access to cleaners and tradespeople

Supervise special deliveries

Maintain the tidiness of common areas

Manage the arrival and departure of guests

Handle noise complaints

Changing of the recycling bins and waste skips

Monitoring of the surveillance cameras

Each day and night there are many trips made around both the car park and the external of the building by the concierge. The concierge looks into all areas and checks all doors. This helps increase the security for the residents of The Elan. Also through the night the concierge checks the entire building, top to bottom, for issues such as security, defect, OH&S and tidiness.

The Elan has a very progressive reception area. The security access system along with the digital surveillance monitoring and recording systems are up to date with modern technology. Also the computer programs used by the concierge staff in their daily duties have been designed specifically for the needs of The Elan. For the concierge calling up information is only a few clicks away. This all assists the concierge staff in providing a high quality service and security to the residents of The Elan.