At 136 meters, 40 stories, The Elan is the 37th tallest building in Sydney and in the top 10 tallest in residential apartments in Sydney. The penthouse is 100.5 meters above road level. The building is also on the highest part of Kings Cross, 45 meters above sea level.

The entire structure covers 4167 sq meters. There is 18200 cubic meters of concrete and 2550 tonnes of reinforcing steel in The Elan.

The Elan is built over the Cross City tunnel. The reason why it stays above the tunnel is that the main transfer beams which carry the load are in average 1 meter wide, 5 stories high and are anchored 20 meters into the bedrock. This is where a large portion of the 2550 tonnes of reinforcing steel is.

The Elan was built by Concrete Constructions Group and  was completed in 1997 in a time of about 21 months.