The Elan is fitted with a comprehensive emergency system

Sprinkler system in each apartment and common area

Smoke detectors in all common areas

Clearly marked fire escapes which lead out of the building

Fire hose reels and fire extinguishers on all building levels

The E.W.I.S, (Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System)

An emergency diesel generator

Emergency lighting in the car park and fire stairs

The building management and concierge staff have been trained in cases of emergency. The first priority in cases of emergency is the preservation of life.

The Elan is fitted with a comprehensive emergency system which includes an E.W.I.S. that transmits tones and instruction through the ceiling speakers in your apartment. These emergency tones are:

A loud continuous beeping sound: This is the alert tone warning that an alarm has tripped. The concierge is investigating the level in alarm and the fire brigade have been automatically called. You are to standby for further instruction. Do not call the concierge as the line is to be kept free for outward emergency calls.

A loud continuous whooping sound: This is the evacuation tone which will sound 4 minutes after the alert tone. Follow the green exit signs which will lead to the nearest fire escape. Do not take the lift. Proceed then to the assembly area which is the forecourt on the west side of the building. You are to wait there until you have been notified by the fire officer or the concierge that it is safe to re-enter the building.

There are 2 fire stairs on each residential level and 4 on each car park level. All fire doors are marked with a green exit sign. These doors are alarmed and are not to be opened unless there is an emergency.

The alert tone may be silenced before the evacuation tone has commenced. This will occur if the concierge has investigated the cause of the alarm and discovered it to be false. The concierge will then announce this to the alerted building levels over the E.W.I.S. p.a. The fire brigade will still attend.