Waste Disposal

In each residential level of The Elan there is a garbage chute. This is located in the east side of the level next to the eastern fire door. Only house hold bagged rubbish is to go in the chute. Glass, plastic, cardboard and paper are all recyclables and are not to go down the chute. These items are to go in the recycling bins on level 4.

Note that newspapers, magazines and coat hangers are the main causes of blockage in the garbage chute. Recycling these items will save the concierge an unenviable unblocking  task.  

Please be careful the bagged rubbish does not leak when taking it from your apartment to the garbage chute. Double bagging is a good idea. If the bag is too big for the chute please remove it and take it down to level 4 recycling area. You can then place it in the skip attached to the compactor.

If you see any rubbish left that has been left outside the chute contact the concierge desk. If you see rubbish stuck in the tray of the chute do not attempt to push it down. Leave it there and contact the concierge.