This is the intercom system. There is one in your apartment. Calls can only be received on your intercom. Calls from your visitors can be received from the intercom at the entry doors in Kings Cross Road and the ground level lift lobby area. There will be a sharp ringing tone on your intercom and a video image will be displayed. The video is only one way.

There are 3 buttons on the intercom next to the handset. Only the bottom of the 3 is active. It has a key symbol imprinted next it.

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Press this button to provide access to your visitor. Your intercom can only unlock access to the Kings Cross Road entry doors and your floor level for the lifts.

There is a dial under the intercom that will adjust the light in the displayed image.

If your visitor calls from the Kings Cross Road entry doors after pressing the key button they have access through the Kings Cross Road entry doors only.

To access your floor your visitor will have to call you again from the lift lobby area. After pressing the key button they can access your floor only in the lift. In both cases access is alive for 90 seconds from when the key button was pressed.

The audio is very sharp on the intercom system. Both sides of the conversation on the lift lobby area intercom can be heard in all areas of the foyer. The audio from your apartment will continue until your handset has been hung up.

If your visitor calls you from their mobile phone complaining that they are totally lost then direct them to the concierge for assistance.