To reduce the possibility that external noise is heard in an apartment The Élan has several sound proofing facets added to its design.

The apartment walls have a high resistance to sound passing through them. In excess of the requirement stipulated by the building code of Australia. Ceilings in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries have double layers of plasterboard to ensure that noise from water pipes are kept to a minimum. There are also silencers in the mechanical ducts to control the noise from the air-conditioning plant.


Noise complaints

In any block of apartments there will always be noise. Your neighbours do have the right to listen to music but this is not permitted to effect your right to enjoy your lot. What noise is unacceptable can depend on the time of day, the volume of noise and the type of noise. Please be aware that thumping noises on your floor will transmit into the apartment below. If you feel that you have a noise problem contact the concierge. The concierge staff are experienced in handling noise complaints. There are certain laws and procedures to follow. Do not attempt to deal with it your self.