If you have a car space

Most apartment lots have a car space. The resident is responsible for the tidiness of their car space. If your car is leaking any type of oil it is required that you place something under your car to catch the oil. Management would appreciate your repairing the leak as soon as possible. Items are not permitted to be stored behind your car space unless they are in your cage or have been approved in writing by the Head Concierge. Approval will usually be given where the amount stored is small, does not present a risk of goods falling onto other people or other property and where the items are stored or stacked neatly, preferably in sealed containers. Once approved, the quantity of goods must not be added to without further approval from the Head Concierge.


It is also a requirement that the residents park in their own car spaces. Residents are not permitted to park in the visitor spaces without the approval of the concierge.


If you require a car spot and are a resident of The Élan

Inquire at the concierge desk. Some residents do not use their car spots and have informed us of their intention to rent them out. We can put you in touch with whoever wants to rent their car space. When an agreement has been made could you inform the staff at the concierge desk and we will remove you from the list.