The recycling area is located on level 4. If you have any recycling items in plastic bags please empty then into the appropriate bin and put the plastic bag in the box on the left of the walk way.

On occasions of high winds the doors require an extended effort to open. When this is the case one of each recycling bin is brought inside the doors. It is a good practice to use these bins rather than the bins in the recycling area. As the bins fill up the concierge will exchange them with empty bins.

Further down the walkway to the left is a neighbourhood bin. This is for unwanted clothing. St Vincent's de Paul collect the donated clothing when the bin is full.

The Bins

Yellow lids: glass bottles, plastic containers, aluminium, tin cans, newspapers and small card board boxes.

Plastic Bags: There is a small black plastic box on the left of the walkway for plastic bags.

Card board: Around the corner are 2 large bins. The large plastic bin against the wall is for card board boxes.

Household Rubbish: The large metal skip is for household rubbish that is too big for the garbage chute.

Coat hangers: These can be placed on the rack next to the box for plastic bags.

Furniture: Can be placed next to the neighbourhood bin. Anyone can take this if wanted.