Your apartment is fitted with several safety features

Auto trip switch. Your fuse box will be located in the laundry or kitchen. In the case of an electrical fault the power to either your lights, your power points or both will trip out. This is a safety feature that minimises the chance of electrical accident or electrical fire. If your power does trip out take note of the last item you plugged in. It could be faulty. If when you turn the tripped switch back on the power is still out then it has tripped the main switch. Contact the concierge to have this reset. For safety reasons all electrical trip outs need to be reported to the concierge who will then inform the building manager.

Smoke detector. This is located in your ceiling near the kitchen. It is a legal requirement now in The Élan that these are checked on a yearly basis. This safety check is organised by the building manager and coordinated by the concierge.

When smoke particles are detected it will set off a high pitched sound . This detector is not linked to the E.W.I.S. in the fire control room. Items like burnt toast or strongly cooked fish can set the detector off. When this occurs remove the cause of the smoke and open the balcony doors to ventilate the room. Do not open the front apartment door. The smoke detectors in the foyer are linked to the E.W.I.S. and will set off the fire alarms in the building which will automatically call the fire brigade. This can result in a charge of $1325:00.

Fire sprinklers. These are in the ceiling of each room and on the balcony. They are sensitive and should not be disturbed. It is illegal to hang anything from a fire sprinkler. These sprinklers are linked to the E.W.I.S. and if disturbed will set off the fire alarms in the building which will automatically call the fire brigade and will also flood your apartment along with several others.