The Élan has a very comprehensive system of security. There are many cameras in all areas of the building and especially the car park. All cameras monitor and record digitally. They are also motion sensitive.


The concierge staff

The cameras are monitored 24 hours per day. The concierge staff, of which there are 2 working together also make multiple patrols around the building each day and night, especially in the car park area and building perimeter.

Your access pass

This is programmed by the building manager or the concierge. It is programmed to access these groups:

  • The Kings Cross Rd entry door

  • The lifts to your level only

  • Level 4 service yard doors

  • All doors in the level 5 recreation area

  • All car park entry and exit gates only if you have a car space

  • The appropriate boom gate to your car space

Access passes cost a $100:00 refundable deposit. They are to be requested at the concierge desk by either the managing agent for the apartment or the apartment owner.

If you have lost your pass notify the staff at the concierge desk as soon as possible. They will then turn off all access to the pass until it is found.

Entrance doors

The front doors are closed at 10:00 pm to 7:00 am each day. During these hours you will require your access pass to enter the building through these doors. Your security access pass is required everywhere else to get into the building. This includes getting back into the building from both the pool area and the recycling bay areas.