Service Yard

The service yard is located on level 4. The road entrance is the 2 large roller doors on Craigend St next to the residents car park gates. To go from the service yard to the inside of the building is through the 2 double doors which will require a swipe card to access. Through these doors is the level 4 lift lobby area. Road level on Craigend St is level 4. Road level on Kings Cross Rd is level 3.

This large area comprises

The service yard is used for all moves in and out of The Élan. Large deliveries, trades people and service people also use the service yard. Please provide the details of the delivery or trade at the concierge desk. Some minor deliveries and service people can come through the foyer however most will require the use of the service yard. The building staff will need to make this decision and also coordinate it with the other Élan activity for that day.

Only the concierge, building cleaners and building management have the key to open the service yard roller doors. The maximum height of these doors is 3.6 metres.


Deliveries and moves are not permitted via the service yard before 9:00 am and after 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday, none on Sundays and none on public holidays. The service yard is closed between 12 and 1 pm.