Contractors Terms and Conditions

1.        Entry to the building and use of the lift must be co-ordinated with the building concierge staff. All instructions from the building concierge security staff must be followed.

2.    All contractors and trades must report to the building manager.

3.         No building materials or tools may be brought into or removed from the building via the foyer. The service yard lift and exit must be used.

4.       Only the service lift may be used. The walls of the lift must be covered by protective blankets which our building staff will provide. Floor carpet of the lift must also be protected from damage by using stout cardboard or other suitable materials.

5.        Work may not commence before 8:00 am and be finished by 4:00 pm on weekdays. No work is permitted on Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays.

6.          The use of power tools, nail guns, jackhammers and other noisy equipment is restricted to the hours of 9:00 am to 3:30 pm weekdays and prohibited on Saturdays. Use of a jackhammer for periods exceeding 15 minutes must be notified 3 days in advance to enable the building concierge staff to warn residents.

7.          Full precautions must be taken to prevent the transmission of dust outside the apartment. All openings are to be taped and seeled. False alarms on the fire detection system caused by dust or any other action will result in a fine of $1325 against the contractor, being the amount the N.S.W.F.B charge for a false-alarm call out.

8.         The contractor must supply their own dumper bin. The use of the strata bins is prohibited.

9.        Parking is permitted only in the spaces allocated to the apartment. Use of visitors parking is prohibited.

10.    The following will apply to a contractor who fails to abide by the terms of the undertaking

ˇ          On the first occasion the proximity key will be disabled for 24 hours and will only be restored when the owners corporation has received a further written undertaking that they will abide by the rules.

ˇ           On the second occasion access will be denied for 48 hours.

ˇ           A third default will result in the contractor being barred from the site.


Élan Management