At present the building is enabled to receive the free to air stations and Foxtel Digital. Foxtel Digital is received through the roof satellite and from there is wired to your apartment. To receive Foxtel you will be required to call 1300 558 679, set up an account and have a set top box installed with a remote in your apartment.

FOXTEL Call 1300 558 679

To upgrade your FOXTEL package Call 131 999

More information

At present The Élan receives all Foxtel channels and the free to air channels via satellite. Foxtel via cable will include the free to air channels, (2, 7, 9, 10 and SBS). With Foxtel cable connected however, the free to air channels can only be viewed via your Foxtel box.

TV Tuning Guide

Use the auto-tune option on your remote

To fine tune use the frequencies on the tuning guide