The resident is responsible for the actions of all their visitors while at The Elan and must abide by all rules and by-laws. The visitors are permitted to use the facilities of The Elan only if they are accompanied by the resident they are visiting.

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.Visitor Parking     Your Intercom

Your visitor will be required to contact you via the intercom. There is one at the Kings Cross Rd entry doors and one in the level ground lift lobby area.

If the intercom is showing horizontal flashing red lines please wait. This is a busy signal as someone is already using the intercom from one of the other areas. If you are cut off also please wait and buzz again.

After 10:00 pm

Your visitor will have to call you from the Kings Cross Rd entry doors. They are to key in your apartment number on the key pad followed by the bell. The bell is the button under the number 9 on the number key panel. You can provide them access to the lift lobby area where they are to contact you again by the same means. From this point you can provide lift access to your floor only. They are to press the up button located under the intercom panel to call the lift. Click here for tutorial

Before 10:00 pm

As the entry doors are not yet locked your visitor can call you from the lift lobby area.

In both cases the concierge will be watching and will offer assistance if required. If there is a problem you can call the concierge desk phone and speak to the concierge.